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Rio is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character, and a different unforgettable view of Corcovado, the mountain that is crowned by a magnificent statue of Christ, who watches over Rio with his arms spread out in perpetual welcome.
Blessed with a wonderful natural setting wedged between mountains and the sea, watched from above by Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain, and the capitol of Carnival in the world, Rio de Janeiro has transformed into one of the world's most beautiful cities. A city of 8 million people, Rio offers world class hotels, restaurants, shopping, and various sporting activities.
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Rio: The magic and the rate of the huge Brazilian city, in a route by its beaches, its streets, the Bay of Guanabara and the Sugar Loaf. The beaches: From north to the south: Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema; Leblón, Sao Conrado and Barra de Tijuca.
The brazilian sea is licking the coasts of expensive and exclusive carioca districts as it advances in that direction.
Rio is the most beautiful city in the world. This joy of life creates an energy that is palpable.

Rio de Janeiro: Cristo and Sugar Loaf

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The brazil carnival 2010 is held on February.
The Brazil carnival 2014 will be March 2014. 
The Brazil carnival 2015 will be February 2015.
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The new champion of the Rio de Janeiro carnival 2019 was Mangueira samba school

The brazilian carnival 2019 starts on March 02 to March 05, 2019.

The brazilian carnival 2018 starts on February 9 to February 14, 2018.


The first of the two foremost parades of the Rio carnival, Seven of the 13 best Samba
Schools in Rio will perform in front of 70,000 hysterical fans and millions around the world.

The Special Group will parade again whem the last six of the top Samba Schools in Rio .

The brazilian carnival 2017 will be held on February 24 to February 28, 2017. The main Carnival celebrations in Brazil will be Rio de Janeiro carnaval, Salvador carnival with its famous trios eletricos and Sao Paulo with the samba school parade at Anhembi sambadrome. Rio de Janeiro will be preparing a huge carnaval street fest with the famous Blocos de Rua, like Simpatia e quase amor, Bloco da Preta, cordao de boitaita and more. Each bloco with more than 400,000 revelers !!.

Estação Primeira of Mangueira champion of the Brazil Carnival Rio 2016 was consecrated in Rio de Janeiro, with 269,8 points.
Therefore after the popularization of the result of the Carnival 2016 of Rio de Janeiro, brazilian artists as Caetano Veloso and Alcione used the social networks to commemorate the trophy that Mangueira conquered with the plot enredo that honored brazilian singer Maria Bethânia. Mangueira is foda. Maria Bethânia is foda. It had to be like this. Mangueira is where Rio is more Bahian style. The Samba School had to win with Maria Bethânia", brazil singer Caetano said on the victory of the green and rose. The singer was part of the Samba School parade in Sapucaí (Sambadrome), on carnival Tuesday at dawn.

The city of Rio de Janeiro proposes all type of activities. It has cultural and historical beaches, GREAT NIGHTLIFE, music and supplies. The tourists find an ample beach diversity, while they hope that the carnival begins.
The widest beach is in Copacabana, where the carioca kiosks sell light lunches and well frozen repairing drinks. To traditional the Ipanema and Leblon, Barra de Tijuca, chosen by youngest, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Praia doc Pontal and the Prainha and Grumarí are added Two beaches.
Boldest, when happening the Morro Dois Irmaos, in Sao Conrado,Rio de Janeiro, can be animated to practice parapente(parachute) and aladelta sports.
Nevertheless, Rio de Janeiro is much more that sun and beach. In the district of Santa Teresa there is bondinho, a small and old street tram car that raises from from Rio de Janeiro City to the nose. In this zone the fair of artists is famous - that remembers colorful San Telmo (Buenos Aires), where the painters allow to enter the tourists to its factories. Fridays, in the district of Lapa, another city different from can be discovered which unfolds in Copacabana. From the 21: 00hrs, Lapa is a celebration of samba in which all the cityparticipates, like the carnival.

There are many beaches in Rio de Janeiro to suit all tastes. The most famous are undoubtedly the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, whose undulating black-and-white promenade is world-renowned. These beaches are where more people meet in a fantastic mixture of color, light, music and joy.
But in addition to these two beaches, there are others to suit all tastes. If you are looking for a small, quiet and easily accessible beach, the Praia Vermelha beach at the foot of the Sugar Loaf (Urca neighborhood)) is the right one. The beach of Leme is perfect to practice bodysurf, or to see others practicing it from their fishermen's walk.
For its part, the waves of the sea in Arpoador beach are good for surfing, although if there is one thing that makes this beach famous, it is because it is a must-see every day at dusk. From the top of the huge stone of Arpoador (you have to go with time to catch a good place) you have fantastic views of the sunset, which in summer hides behind the Dois Irmaos hill creating a precious combination of lights and shadows.
In the southwestern part of the city, are the largest beaches of Rio de Janeiro and with the cleanest water. These beaches are already outside the bay and face the open sea so they are the best for those who want to surf their waves, although São Conrado is also the meeting point for those who want to fly hang-gliding or paragliding.
The beaches of Barra da Tijuca and especially Recreio dos Bandeirantes, are far from the tourist circuits of Rio de Janeiro but its big waves are very appreciated by the locals who visit them mainly during the weekends. During the weekdays they are calm and almost solitary beaches, perfect for those who want to get away from the people.

The famous samba musici was born in Bahia but the samba developed in poverty-ridden Rio during the early 20th century. Energetic and passionate, it has influenced nearly every Brazilian musical style andis ubiquitous during brazilian Carnaval.

The pagode music evolved at community barbecues in 1970s suburban Rio. It is an infectious, swinging samba usually with cheeky macho lyrics, which are sometimes laced with wry social commentary.

In the 1950s a group of writers, artists, and musicians from Ipanema and Copacabana slowed samba down. They added complex harmonies and a lilting guitar style to produce bossa nova,best known by Antonio Carlos Jobim's The Girl From Ipanema

In the 1970s the samba music and jazz-funk were fused to produce Rio's most popular dance music - suinge. This was sped up in the 1980s into samba funk. Both make for excellent live acts.

A distorted, bass-driven, DJ-spun electronica with rap-vocals and a pagode chorus often accompanied by raunchy dancing. Unlike rap, it has little social conscience and focuses on having a good time.

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Rio de Janeiro , Brazil : the "marvellous city"
as Rio de Janeiro is known to its residents (or cariocas) and the rest of the Brazil, is also arguably the most beautiful city, both in terms of its setting and its people.
This is, after all, the city that brought us the girl from Ipanema and all her friends.
Rio de Janeiro, the world´s largest tropical city, is a mix of a major metropolitan centre, with all the facilities you might expect, with excellent restaurants, sophisticated night life, charming bars, musical extravaganzas, theatre, cinema, museums, art galleries and world-class shopping and sport, and a resort.
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Carnival tickets, Frisas seats: For who wants to buy tickets to attend the parades of the Samba Schools  of the Special Group should not lose time. It remain only 29 entrances for the show of Monday, March 03, 2014 of the line D of the Sectors 8 and 11. The entrances can be acquired directly in the Central LIESA of Service and Sales, in the street da Alfândega, 25, stores B and C. The payment is cash. Know about more details.

Update: Carnival Brazil 2020 will be held on February 2020

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